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##user.biography## Although most psoriasis patients leave the Neukirchen clinic without symptoms, it is necessary to initiate further dietary, metabolism-supporting and immunostimulatory measures in the following eight to ten months of the post-treatment phase in order to ensure http://fb.me/9ajdSMUcF seborrheic dermatitis cause hair loss a lasting freedom of complaint. The therapy is gradually broken down on the basis of the results of repeated clinical-biological control tests. Close collaboration with the attending physician is essential during this period.

A summary of the German Psoriasis Federation, completed in 1990, shows that over 80% of all patients treated in Neukirchen are satisfied or very satisfied with their therapy results over the long term. We think that this result is of importance, especially if cortisone preparations (external or internal), cytostatics, retinolde, UV irradiation or photochemotherapy (PWA) are not available in this therapy model.

People of all age groups are generally affected by this skin function disorder during their lifetime. Among children and adolescents, psoriasis occurs just as much as in adults of both sexes. In the overall statistics of psoriasis, however, a conspicuous disease peak appears in people aged between 20 and 40 years. Sometimes this skin disease occurs only briefly and acutely, and then heals itself again, but in most cases, after a violent acute phase, it continues to persist for several years, both chronically and  http://fb.me/6k8qEWJVs seborrheic keratosis removal at home in stages. It is precisely this persistent, chronic form of psoriasis which requires a high degree of nervous and physical resilience, which can only be applied with difficulty as the disease progresses.
Symptoms of psoriasis

It comes to sharply outlined, reddish colored skin spots on which silvery scales form. The elbows, the crossbones and the scalp are particularly frequently affected. But other parts of the body, such as the hands, the anterior region, or the thigh, may also be affected. In most cases a severe itching occurs, and at the same time the dandruff is detached.

The scaling of the skin reveals an extremely thin skin layer, which is very easily vulnerable and is distinguished by densely placed, punctiform blood discharge points, which are also known as dew drops. Overall, the symptoms of psoriasis are characterized by a severe itching characteristic eczematism associated with redness, dandruff, oozing and crust formation. The reddened areas of the skin can be small and punctiform but often very large and correspondingly painful. Occasionally there is also an attack  http://fb.me/8Oqvy3HgG seborrheic dermatitis cause hair loss of the bones and joints. As a result of the persisting irritation and inflammation conditions of the skin layers, nervous pain is also quickly caused in these districts, which can additionally stress the affected person.


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