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##user.biography## Basically, the symptoms of psoriasis must be understood as the sum and the succession of a metabolic disorder of the whole organism, through which the epithelial cells of the skin disregard. The central point of this disorder is a deficiency of fumaric acid. This acid has a very important function within the cellular metabolism and cellulism http://fb.me/3QO7GwHZH best seborrheic dermatitis shampoo, and is essential during the citric acid cycle (biochemical respiratory chain) in the cells, which still consists of additional acid groups.

However, the lack of fumaric acid alone does not cause any eruption of psoriasis. Only when there is an additional weakening of the immune system, both factors act together causing a disease. The so-called provocative accumulation of body-borne defenses (interleukins) within the skin leads to an increased cell division and to a seven times faster than normal running scaling of the superficial skin cells. The predisposition to psoriasis may be hereditary, but the disease does not necessarily have to break out.
Psychological stress

Many people suffer from psoriasis for many years, not infrequently even over decades, and the whole extent of their suffering can hardly be communicated to them by their outsiders. In many of them, the constant examination of the disease causes an internal retreat and a neglect of interpersonal contacts. The persistent sensation of the irritated skin is less  http://fb.me/1lMn59PKG dermatitis natural treatment and less a complete mental relaxation and contentment. The patient suffering from psoriasis simply does not feel well in his skin, which most of the time he can only feel through an itchy tension. Through these processes step-by-step psychosomatic illnesses develop.

The diseased humans reacts with vegetative symptoms on its psoriasis and activates, in addition, unconsciously the disease. Psoriasis, as a function disorder of the skin, has a very strong and close relationship to psycho-emotional processes and stresses, which can make their healing more difficult. The language of the skin. Among all human organs, the skin is one of the most sensitive and at the same time most important functional systems. It is the most visible connecting body between  http://fb.me/2e0lfnNbk seborrheic dermatitis natural cure the purely organic structures and the mental processes. The skin can therefore be viewed in the extended sense as a "mirror of the soul" because many emotional and psychological reactions lead to a change in its condition.


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